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In Old Stepney

December 11, 2023
by the gentle author

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Albert Gardens

In spite of the bombing, the slum clearances and redevelopments, the East End is still with us. In Stepney, there is an entire quarter of early nineteenth century terraces and squares that have survived the changes of the twentieth century. They are magnificent examples of the human quality of streetscape cherished by East Enders and also plangent reminders of what has been lost.

The Peacock, Aylward St

Corner of Antil Terrace and Senrab St

Corner of Antil Terrace and Dunelm St

Corner of Dunelm St


Senrab St

Who will rescue The Royal Duke, 474 Commercial Rd, designed by W.E. Williams, 1879

Shepherd Boy in Albert Gardens, dated 1903, “Fonderies d’art du Val D’Orne, Paris”

In Albert Gardens

South East corner of Albert Gardens

North West corner of Albert Gardens

South East corner of Arbour Sq

In Arbour Sq Gardens

South West corner of Arbour Sq

North West corner of Arbour Sq

Terrace in East Arbour St

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  1. Andy permalink
    December 11, 2023

    I pay homage to Chris Searle who lived in Albert Gardens and Leon from the Shool .

  2. Andy permalink
    December 11, 2023

    Well done Gentle Author

  3. Lew Tassell permalink
    December 11, 2023

    It is lovely to see this part of the East End that survived World War II and post war modernisation albeit the gentrification has changed the character of the area. This takes me back in time, as a former policeman I regularly visited this area in the 1970s to take prisoners to Arbour Square Police Station or give evidence at Thames Magistrate Court, both situated in the red brick building at Aylward Street corner of East Arbour Street. I understand the building came close to demolition after the police station was closed and the Magistrates Court was moved to Bow Street. It now consists of desirable apartments. Although I was in the City of London Police, when part of the plain clothes area car (Alpha 8) we would often venture into the East End in answer to emergency calls. The most famous prisoners that Arbour Square held were the notorious Kray Brothers.

  4. Andy permalink
    December 13, 2023

    I really like the comment from the ex City of London Policeman.
    I believe too or got told one or two of the Krays was held at the Tower when they were in the run from the Army .
    Also,I got told Arbour Square was attempted to be blown up because someone I knew was eating their dinner on a table and it blew high towards the ceiling .
    They lived nearby . I believe no one escaped.

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