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Favourite East End Artists

December 5, 2020
by the gentle author

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Here are some of my favourite East End artists as featured in EAST END VERNACULAR, one of the titles for sale this weekend.

John Allin – Spitalfields Market, 1972

S.R Badmin – Wapping Pier Head, 1935

Pearl Binder – Aldgate, 1932 (Courtesy of Bishopsgate Institute)

Dorothy Bishop – Looking towards the City of London from Morpeth School, 1961

James Boswell – Petticoat Lane (Courtesy of David Buckman)

Roland Collins – Brushfield St, Spitalfields, 1951-60 (Courtesy of Museum of London)

Alfred Daniels – Gramophone Man on Wentworth St

Anthony Eyton , Christ Church Spitalfields, 1980

Doreen Fletcher – Turner’s Rd, 1998

Geoffrey Fletcher – D.Bliss, Alderney Rd 1979 (Courtesy of Tower Hamlets Local History Library & Archives)

Barnett Freedman– Street Scene. 1933-39 (Courtesy of Tate Gallery)

Noel Gibson – Hessel St (Courtesy of Tower Hamlets Local History Library & Archives)

Charles Ginner – Bethnal Green Allotment, 1947 (Courtesy of Manchester City Art Gallery)

Lawrence Gowing – Mare St, 1937

Harry T. Harmer – St Botolph’s Without Aldgate, 1963  (Courtesy of Tower Hamlets Local History Library & Archives)

Elwin Hawthorne – Trinity Green Almshouses, 1935

Rose Henriques – Coronation Celebrations in Challis Court, 1937 (Courtesy of Tower Hamlets Local History Library & Archives)

Nathaniel Kornbluth – Butcher’s Row, Aldgate 1934 (Courtesy of Tower Hamlets Local History Library & Archives)

Dan Jones – Brick Lane, 1977

Leon Kossoff – Christ Church Spitalfields, 1987

James Mackinnon – Twilight at London Fields

Cyril Mann – Christ Church seen over bombsites from Redchurch St, 1946 (Courtesy of Piano Nobile Gallery)

Jock McFadyen – Aldgate East

Ronald Morgan – Salvation Army Band Bow, 1978  (Courtesy of Tower Hamlets Local History Library & Archives)

Grace Oscroft – Old Houses in Bow, 1934

Peri Parkes – House in the East, 1980-81

Henry Silk – Snow, Rounton Rd, Bow

Harold Steggles – Old Ford Rd c.1932

Walter Steggles – Old Houses, Bethnal Green 1929

Albert Turpin, Columbia Market, Bethnal Green



Take a look at some of the artists featured in East End Vernacular

John Allin, Artist

Pearl Binder, Artist

Dorothy Bishop, Artist

Roland Collins, Artist

Anthony Eyton, Artist

Doreen Fletcher, Artist

Barnett Freedman, Artist

Lawrence Gowing, Artist

Harry T. Harmer, Artist

Elwin Hawthorn, Artist

Rose Henriques, Artist

Charles Ginner, Artist

Dan Jones,  Artist

Nathaniel Kornbluth, Artist

Leon Kossoff, Artist

James Mackinnon, Artist

Jock McFadyen, Artist

Cyril Mann, Artist

Ronald Morgan, Artist

Grace Oscroft, Artist

Peri Parkes, Artist

Henry Silk, Artist

Harold & Walter Steggles, Artists

Albert Turpin, Artist

13 Responses leave one →
  1. Bill Cahill permalink
    December 5, 2020

    An amazing array of styles, often consonant with the era of production, all presenting compelling documentary evidence. Now, I’m no Londoner, and you my ask how could I claim that? Simply by feeling, I answer.

  2. Claire D permalink
    December 5, 2020

    Excellent selection, all so good in their own way. Shows how each one’s vision is both individual yet contributes to the whole. Thank you GA.

  3. Valerie Huggins permalink
    December 5, 2020

    A wonderful selection. I followed the link to Lawrence Gowing with much interest to discover his Hackney origins as a draper’s son. He was a lecturer at Leeds university when I was there in the mid 70s and I remember him with affection. Superb scholarship and excellent at bringing the subject to life but unfortunately he had a severe stammer and we soon learnt to avoid the front few rows in the lecture theatre to avoid being sprayed with spittle.

  4. milo permalink
    December 5, 2020

    If someone would like to buy me a James Mackinnnon or a Harold or Walter Steggles (don’t mind which…) for christmas i would be more than happy.

  5. Marnie permalink
    December 5, 2020


  6. December 5, 2020

    Amazing, this Range of fine Art Works! Nice to see them all together!

    Love & Peace

  7. December 5, 2020

    Amazing, this fine Range of Art Works! Nice to see them all together!

    Love & Peace

  8. shelley permalink
    December 5, 2020

    i never tire of looking at these paintings. just superb and thank you for all your posts. they brighten both my and my mothers day. your hard work is to be commended

    thank you


  9. December 5, 2020

    Greetings from Boston,

    GA, thanks for the review of these East London scenes that you have featured in the past few years. A few of my favorites:

    Roland Collins – Brushfield St, Spitalfields, 1951-60 – love the night scene with Christ Church predominating

    Harry T. Harmer – St. Botolph’s Without Aldgate – get a kick out of those bird like figures approaching the church

    James Mackinnon – Twilight at London Fields – just beautiful

  10. David Antscherl permalink
    December 5, 2020

    What evocative images. Thank you for these. And I’m with Milo; one of those would be a fine Christmas gift!

  11. December 5, 2020

    Old Fold Road puts me in mind of Lancashire. The mill I guess.

  12. Derek Bailey permalink
    December 5, 2020

    The Noel Gibson picture of Hessel Street is wonderful. As a boy I lived for two years one street over (Umberston St.) and we shopped on Hessel Street. Brings back many memories for sure.

    Best wishes from Colorado, USA.

  13. Pamela Traves permalink
    December 6, 2020

    Many Lovely Paintings. Thank You So Very Much.????????

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