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The New & Old East London Groups

November 24, 2013
by the gentle author

Bow Rd by Elwin Hawthorne, 1931

Bow Rd by Christine Hawthorne, 2013

Last year, The East London Group – one of major artistic  movements to come out of the East End in the last century – was recovered from obscurity by David Buckman in his important book From Bow To Biennale – Artists of The East London Group. Next week, paintings by members of The East London Group are to be hung on public display in the East End for the first time in over a generation as part of an exhibition at Town House in Spitalfields that opens on Thursday 28th November. In the show, living artists exploring the urban environment today – Anthony Eyton, Peta Bridle, Nicholas Borden, Marc Gooderham, Sebastian Harding and Joanna Moore – are exhibited alongside the work of their predecessors as a tribute to the original East End London Group.

North East Bethnal Green by George Board, c. 1930

Railway Fence by Walter Steggles, c.1930

Bridge at Stratford by Walter Steggles, 1938

Bow Bridge by Walter Steggles, c.1930

Grove Hall Park, Bow, by Harold Steggles, c. 1930

The Red Bridge by Walter Steggles, c. 1930

Snow at Bow by Henry Silk, c. 1930

Art Classroom Stove, Whitechapel, by Walter Steggles, 1938

Christine in Hanbury St, Spitalfields, by Anthony Eyton, 1976/8

Christ Church from Hanbury St, Spitalfields, by Anthony Eyton, 1980

Durant St, Bethnal Green, by Nicholas Borden, 2013

Quilter St, Bethnal Green, by Nicholas Borden, 2013

Globe Tavern, Borough Market, by Nicholas Borden, 2013

Spitalfields by Nicholas Borden, 2013

Christ Church, Spitalfields by Marc Gooderham, 2013

Edge of Brick Lane by Marc Gooderham, 2013

Rented Rooms, Bethnal Green Rd, by Marc Gooderham, 2013

Thames Mudlarks by Joanna Moore, 2013

St Dunstan-in-the-East By Joanna Moore, 2013

Wapping Old Stairs by Peta Bridle, 2013

Des & Lorraine’s Junk Shop, Bacon St, 2013

Moorgate by Sebastian Harding, 2013

Nicholas Culpeper’s House, Spitalfields, 2013

The Marquis of Lansdowne, Cremer St, by Sebastian Harding, 2013

NOW & THEN, an exhibition of the New & Old East London Groups, opens on 6:30pm Thursday 28th November at Town House, Fournier St, Spitalfields, E1. The show runs until 8th December. Weekdays 11-6pm & Weekends 11-5pm.


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  1. nightsmusic permalink
    November 24, 2013

    If one lives in the US, how would one go about buying one of these pieces? Or are they even available for purchase?

  2. Paul Kelly permalink
    November 24, 2013

    The artwork here is all a beautiful effort by very talented Artists. I particularly like Nicholas Borden’s stuff ; in my humble opinion I think the vibrancy of colour is reminiscent of Raoul Dufy’s work.
    Joanna Moore’s St. Dunstan-in-the-East reminds me of Springtime. Mark Gooderham is very detailed in his application.All the art work is great to see and very pleasing. Keep up the good work.

  3. aubrey permalink
    November 24, 2013

    Conflating the different eras in the same area: the paintings are wonderfully evocative.

  4. November 24, 2013

    I really love all of this work; it captures the beating heart of the East End in so many different ways.

  5. Min the Merciless permalink
    November 24, 2013

    Great artwork. I especially love Peta Bridle and Joanna Moore’s work. Would you know if prints are available to buy, Gentle Author? Peta’s work is beautiful.

  6. Carolyn Badcock - nee Hooper permalink
    November 26, 2013

    Marc Gooderham’s Rented Rooms, Bethnal Green Rd does it for me – right up to the graffiti up with the TV antennas.

    So much beautiful work!

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