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The Drypoint Etchings of Peta Bridle

February 9, 2013
by the gentle author

Illustrator Peta Bridle sent me these beautiful drypoint etchings of some of my favourite people and places in the East End, which she has been working on over the winter. I love all the detail, and the depth of tone and richness of hatching this ancient technique offers, romancing these familiar locations into myth.

‘I have drawn the shopkeepers in their places of work as I find them a good subject and I am supportive of independent shops.’ Peta admitted to me, ‘The town where I live is full of supermarkets competing against each other, a few poundshops and little else, so I like to read about all the different shops you describe in the East End.’  We look forward to more drypoint etchings from Peta Bridle.

Liverpool St Station

E.Pellicci, Bethnal Green Rd. “Nevio Pellicci kindly allowed me to make a couple of visits to take pictures as reference to create this etching. It was at Christmas time and after they closed for the afternoon. Daisy my daughter is sitting in the corner.”

Paul Gardner at Gardners’ Market Sundriesmen, Commercial St. “I did buy a few bags off Paul whilst I was there!”

Tanya Peixoto at bookartbookshop, Pitfield St. “I am friends with Tanya who runs this shop and she has stocked my homemade books in the past.”

Des at Des & Lorraine’s Junk Shop, Bacon St. “An amazing place that I want to re-visit since I never got to look round it properly …”

Prints copyright © Peta Bridle

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  1. February 9, 2013

    Love the etchings with all their telling detail. I’m not surprised she hasn’t got to grips with Des and Lorraine’s Junk Shop though. It doesn’t look as if anybody could. There must be so many ‘finds’ to be had there though.

  2. Jenx permalink
    February 9, 2013

    What detail! I could look at these all day. Makes me want to visit the places.

  3. Donald Parsnips permalink
    February 9, 2013

    What a treat ! Wonderful prints , let’s see some more please.

  4. Gary permalink
    February 9, 2013

    I find these etchings far superior to the normal sketches and paintings.
    The number of fine lines that make them must run into thousands,
    what patience !

  5. February 9, 2013

    These are great etchings. I’m an art lover as well as an Anglophile, and your posts about Spitalfields are so interesting, so I was doubly (triply?) pleased to read this post.

  6. February 9, 2013

    These etching are so detailed and wonderful! And I’m with Peta, I much prefer the smaller privately owned shops over the large chain stores…it’s a pity here in the US so many of the small shops are falling by the wayside.

    Enjoy your weekend!


  7. Adrienne permalink
    February 11, 2013

    These are super! What’s the process?

  8. Vivian permalink
    February 26, 2013

    We were so impressed that we have asked Peta to come and draw Newham Bookshop to celebrate our 35 years.

  9. Sally Ellis permalink
    March 20, 2013

    Your etchings blew me away Peta. Wonderful detail. Great that you have been invited back to the bookshop to do further work.

  10. Min the Merciless permalink
    November 24, 2013

    Fantastic artwork. I’d really love to buy some prints – Gentle Author, does Peta have a website or dealer/contact where I could order some?

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