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The Dogs of Spitalfields in the Snow

January 22, 2013
by the gentle author

Contributing Photographer Sarah Ainslie braved the blizzard to bring us this survey of the effect of snowy conditions upon our frisky East End canines and here you see the results of her endeavours. “The snow had just started to fall and they were all so excited.” she reported to me afterwards in breathless understatement, “The dogs were going crazy,”

Beetlejuice (Staffordshire Bull Terrier) & Sarah

Beetlejuice is extremely friendly and bounded across to knock the photographer over next. Apparently, he has epilepsy and takes medication for it which makes him gain weight. Sarah, who walks Beetlejuice four times a week for her parents, calls him her “big dollop of lard.”

Daisy (Welsh Terrier) & Fiona

Although Fiona is a professional dog walker who usually walks a number of dogs at once – including Molly, Sandra Esqulant’s dog from The Golden Heart – Daisy is particular and will only tolerate being walked on her own.

Muffin (King Charles Spaniel) & Chris

Muffin was taking Chris for a walk in Ion Sq. Chris is a dignified East Ender who has lived her life around Columbia Rd and Muffin is her dedicated companion.

Malone (Golden Labrador) & Susanna

Malone was acquired by Susanna as a puppy seven years ago in Barcelona, and they moved to London three and a half years ago. After Susanna lost a baby in pregnancy, she realised through the depth of her affection for Malone that she could love an adoptive child as if it were her own, and that is what she hopes to do.

Higgins (King Charles Spaniel) & Mark

Higgins gets taken to Allen Gardens by Mark who is a graphic designer living in Spitalfields. They both came over from Australia last year and this is Higgins’ first experience of snow. The outfit Higgins is wearing was acquired on a recent trip to Vienna.

Buster (Staffordshire Bull Terrier) & Beth

Sometimes Buster gets anxious and insecure while he is outside walking on the leash but he turned playful and relaxed when he saw the school children running around in the snow. A homeboy by nature, Beth says Buster is cuddly and adorable like a teddy bear within the security of his own four walls.

Fred (Labrador) & Ron

Fred is five years old and lives on the outskirts of London with Ron. They arrive at the local school at 5:30am so that Ron can let the cleaners in as part of his caretaking duties. Then Fred & Ron head out for a walk around the park and Ron usually stops to have a chat with the prostitutes on the street.

Aggie (Staffordshire/French Bulldog Cross) & Liane

Aggie is four and a half years old and loves the snow so much that it was almost impossible for Liane to hold her still for a photograph.

Juju & Boudica with Penny & Leslie

Juju & Boudica were so over-excited by the snow that chaos ensued when Penny & Lesley even tried to get them to stand still for a picture.

The Bosses Dogs & Sandra

As part of her duties at work, Sandra regularly walks this eager and excitable pair of dogs belonging to her employer. They barked when they were going to have their picture taken, until Sandra showed them who was boss and achieved the desired result at once.

Stan (Long-Legged Irish Staffordshire) with Reg & Harry

Stan is one of the family for brothers Reg & Harry. So when Harry got the day off from work and the snow shut Reg’s college, it was the perfect opportunity for the three of them to enjoy an afternoon at the park.

Kobi (Victorian Bull Dog) & Steve

Kobi was chosen by Steve, who wanted a small dog, when he was just a little puppy with big feet. Originally bred for pulling logs, Victorian Bull Dogs require plenty of exercise and these days Kobi keeps Steve on the run in all weathers.

Pippi (Mongrel) with Trisha & Mason

As Sarah was walking through St Matthew’s Churchyard in Bethnal Green she saw Pippi scampering towards her through the snow accompanied by Mason. Then Mason’s granny – Trisha – appeared from behind a tree and hurled a well-aimed snowball at her grandson, scoring a directed hit. After introductions were made, Trisha explained she was supervising Mason since his school had closed at lunchtime, but the brief conversation was curtailed once Pippi appeared with a stick and they all ran off again off frolicking together in the snow.

Candy (Dachshund) & Fiona

Candy & Fiona live on Brick Lane and were in a big hurry, but they just stopped long enough to get their portrait done because they always wanted to be featured in ‘Dogs of Spitalfields.’

Fudge (Labradoodle) & John

Fudge was acquired by John when he retired from trading in street markets. Now John walks him three times a day and John’s grandchildren shout “Where’s Fudge?” whenever he pays them a visit. “People don’t take no notice of anyone, but when you’ve got a dog with you it’s different – now everyone says ‘hello’ to me.” John revealed proudly.

Coco (Papillion) & Keith

In the August 2011 series of ‘Dogs of Spitalfields,’ Coco & Keith were featured on their balcony overgrown with summery plants, so Sarah took this opportunity to make a contrasting portrait of these old friends in the snow.

Dasher (Saluki Lurcher) & Tamzin, Dora (Saluki Lurcher) & Mimi, Tim (Whippet) & Robert

Dasher and Dora are rescue dogs but Tim came from a farm in Somerset and has a classy pedigree. By nature, Lurchers and Whippets are very sociable creatures and like to stick together, consequently their owners met and became friends.

Photographs copyright © Sarah Ainslie

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  1. January 22, 2013

    Such a wonderful post, all gorgeous dogs and it makes me want a little snow so that my two can have a little fun!


  2. Catherine permalink
    January 22, 2013

    These are great photos–both dogs and people seem to be having such fun! (I wonder what Mr. Pussy makes of all this. . .)

  3. Cate permalink
    January 22, 2013

    Thanks you for these pictures. If I had a short haired dog though, I would make sure I had a coat for it; poor Candy with her little undercarriage so close to the ground! My dog has long hair with an undercoat thankfully so she has been warm in this weather.

  4. January 22, 2013

    my stripy lurcher Bisto would love a run in the snow with any of these frisky hounds!

  5. January 22, 2013

    Lovely, lovely pix. Aren’t dogs wonderful? There’s nothing more joyful than seeing a dog playing in the park – than perhaps a dog playing in the snow. My Staffie no longer likes other dogs, having been got at once or twice, so has to stay on the lead but still likes the snow. But she won’t wear the stunning coat that I bought for her – scarlet and cream stripes, really snazzy. Loved the photo of the Staffie in her grey scarf but I bet she won’t walk in it.

  6. January 23, 2013

    The wonderful staffordshire bull made my day, still handsome meds and all, I would just add “an adorable” to Sarah’s big dolop of lard.

  7. Beth permalink
    January 23, 2013

    @Marie, he walks in it 🙂

  8. Fiona Dubois permalink
    January 24, 2013

    Cate – If you look carefully you will see that Candy was wearing a coat – a victory for me since she hates wearing them!

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