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Dan Jones’ East End Portraits

May 31, 2023
by the gentle author

Meet me next Sunday on the steps of St Paul’s Cathedral and we will spend the afternoon walking eastward together through the square mile to explore the wonders and the wickedness of the ancient City of London.

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Ayub Ali

In recent years, Dan Jones has painted a magnificent series from different eras for his EAST END PORTRAITS. Many of these are well known but others less familiar, so you can click on any of the names to learn more about the subjects.

Surat Alley

Clement Attlee


Dr Thomas Barnardo

Julie Begum

Pearl Binder

David Bomberg

Lilian Bowes-Lyon

Sister Christine

Rose Cohen

Alexander Cooke

Meg Cornwall

Harry Costin

Siddy Costin

Lily Cove

Boxer Davey

Toni Davey

Tommy Flowers

Charlie Goodman

Eva Amy Harkness

Elizabeth Holdsworth

Tunde Ikoli

Joseph Ha Kahone

Oona King

Charlie Magri

Gladys McGee

Grace Mills

Anna Nadel

Jacob Ornstein

Chris Searle

Lao She

Police Constable James Stewart

Maudie Thomas

Matilda Towns

Wouter Van Den Bergh

Samuel & Yeta Wassersug

Manny Weinberger

Rabbi Avraham Aba Werner

Eva Mary Towns White

Portraits copyright © Dan Jones

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  1. Charlotte K permalink
    May 31, 2023


  2. Andy permalink
    May 31, 2023

    Makes me feel proud to come from the Esst End and of my Mum Rose Cohen who was a fighter all through her life, displaying courage despite her traumas.

    Also, it feels just and magnificent so many are painted including Chris Searle, who was the first to publish an anthology of my poetry, entitled “Story of a Stepney boy.”

    If anyone wants to buy a copy I have only a few copies for sale. My email is

  3. Jill Wilson permalink
    May 31, 2023

    Brilliant work! So much character in every portrait…

    Gladys stopped me in my tracks – what a fantastic face!

  4. May 31, 2023

    A superb set of portraits and stories. Of course, I am drawn to the tale of Tommy Flowers of Poplar. Readers may like to know that you can see a replica Colossus, built from the blueprint, still working at the National Museum of Computing in Bletchley. It was built by the late Tony Sale and his team, who I was fortunate enough to speak to several years ago when I visited. The codebreaking efforts of Alan Turing and his team, shortened the war by several years and saved countless lives. Colossus continued to serve after. It really is something to stand before the replica and say a quiet “thank you”.
    My Dad told me of the work of Station X. I don’t think he ever visited. ” They’re all boffins who walk around in their dressing gowns all day”. I don’t know where he got some of his stories from!

  5. May 31, 2023

    What a treat.

  6. Susan Levinson permalink
    May 31, 2023

    It would be great if a book full of Dan’s beautiful illustrations was published.

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