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Charles Hindley’s Cries Of London

April 25, 2023
by the gentle author




In his History of the Cries of London, Ancient & Modern of 1884, Charles Hindley reused many woodblocks from earlier publications and this series below dates from perhaps a century earlier.

Of all the sets I have published in these pages, these prints best illustrate the necessity of the Cries, since in most cases it would not be possible for customers to tell at a distance what sellers had in their baskets so, as well as announcing their presence, the Cries declared the wares on offer. There is a particular animated quality to this set, tracing the footsteps of the hawkers as they trudge the narrow streets, negotiating the puddles and the filth – and it makes you realise how much walking was involved, lugging produce round the city on foot.

Newcastle Salmon! Dainty fine Salmon! Dainty fine Salmon! Newcastle Salmon!

Yorkshire Cakes, who’ll buy Yorkshire Cakes? All piping hot – smoking hot! hot! hot!

Buy my Flowers, sweet Flowers, new-cut Flowers! New Flowers, sweet Flowers, fresh Flowers, O!

Buy green and large Cucumbers, Cucumbers, green and large, Cucumbers, twelve a penny!

Buy Rosemary! Buy Sweetbriar! Rosemary & Sweetbriar, O!

Come and buy my Walking Sticks or Canes! I’ve got them for young and old.

Buy my Cranberries! Fine Cranberries! Buy my Cranberries! Fine Cranberries!

Buy my fine Gooseberries! Fine Gooseberries! Threepence a quart! Ripe Gooseberries!

Pears for pies! Come feast your eyes! Ripe Pears, of every size, who’ll buy?

One a penny, two a penny, Hot Cross Buns! One a penny, two a penny, Hot Cross Buns!

Worcestershire Salt!

Buy Great Eels!

Buy Great Plaice!

Buy Great Smelts!
Buy Great Whiting!

Hats or Caps! Buy, Sell or Exchange!

Bread & Meat! Bread & Meat!

Hot fine Oatcakes! Hot fine Oatcakes!

Fine Oranges & Lemons! Oranges & Lemons!

I sweep your Chimney clean, O! Sweep your Chiney clean, O!

Buy my Diddle Dumplings, hot! hot! Diddle, diddle, diddle, Dumplings hot!

I have Hot Codlings, Hot Codlings!

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  1. Mary permalink
    April 25, 2023

    As someone who fails to see the point of just one cucumber, I am shocked that anyone would consider bulk buying twelve.
    Also remembering how, in the 1970s, I shuddered as I walked past The Live Eel Company on my way to Roman Road, I am horrified at the squirming mass in the basket on that woman’s head.

  2. April 25, 2023

    The Worcestershire salt would have come from Droitwich nearby to where I live. All of these sellers had a unique product to sell. I also wonder how many cucumbers you can sell in a day. Shopping must have been an exhausting assault on the ears! Thanks GA.

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