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Schrodinger Wants To Recruit Me

July 27, 2022
by the gentle author

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Schrodinger on the dresser, where he is not allowed

My cat Schrodinger wants to recruit me. After careful observation, he has decided that I am worthy of the highest feline honour. He believes I possess the necessary qualities and he is confident I could fulfil the role. He wants to me to become a cat.

I first received the summons a few weeks ago, though initially I did not understand the nature of the calling. During the balmy weather, Schrodinger has moved out of the house, forsaking his favourite spots indoors to doze all day in the deep shadow beneath the periwinkles in the corner of the garden. He has recently discovered his voice and now enters the house at dawn, crying aloud to herald the sun rising.

I assumed he sought to be fed, yet I would not grant such a request at an unsociable hour lest I encourage him to wake me regularly. So we confronted each other in the living room, me standing blocking his path with my back to the kitchen. To my surprise, he turned away towards the front door. He wanted me to follow him into the garden and I complied the first time, just to check there was no predator causing him alarm. There was none. So I returned to bed, leaving him standing disappointed in the garden.

He knows I like to sit quietly for hours while writing and am prone to frequent naps, both undeniably feline characteristics. Now the summer is here, Schrodinger wants me to share his outdoor life. He envisages us both dozing in the shade of the periwinkles by day and having adventures, running together through the dark undergrowth at night – just as Dick Turpin and Tom King did in Epping Forest.

I am flattered by Schrodinger’s invitation to feline vagabondage, even if I must decline. Yet he persists. When I ignore his calling at sunrise, he leaps onto the bed and rubs his spine against my shin as a gesture of affection and camaraderie.

Through these remaining weeks of warm weather, we shall discover which of us will prevail. In the eternal present tense of Schrodinger’s existence it will always be summer, yet I know that the autumn will surely come, the temperature will drop and the rain will fall.

Although Schrodinger is blissfully unaware, already I foresee that he will return to his indoor existence then. Come winter, if he wants to recruit me to sit quietly and join him in fireside naps, sharing his domestic life of feline leisure, I shall be happy to oblige.

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  1. July 27, 2022


  2. July 27, 2022

    A nice cat story. It reminds me of my neighbour’s cat Chico, who visited me every day for months. He probably would have wanted me to become a cat too. Today he lives far away on a farm.

    Love & Peace

  3. Susan martin permalink
    July 27, 2022

    Oh I love your stories of Shrodinger. What a lucky pair to have each other and what a lucky cat to have such a good human! Would love to hear more of him.

  4. Annie Green permalink
    July 27, 2022

    My cat Susan is the same. She likes it if I come out into the garden, sit and read so she can jump on my lap or just potter about out there with her as she plays hide-and-seek. Like you, I find it touching and am pleased to be included in her feline life. She is a different creature out there. Please send your charming chap a tickle under whichever ear he prefers.

  5. Winnie permalink
    July 27, 2022

    I think Shrodinger may be having a mid life crisis. My husband has been behaving very much the same. Enjoy it while you can. As you so wisely say, come Autumn, he will soon return to slumbering by the fire at home.

  6. July 27, 2022

    I think, dear TGA, that you should comply, curl up and doze with Schrodinger in the shade of the periwinkles!

  7. July 27, 2022

    What a wonderful invitation on Shrodinger’s part! Thank you for letting us know about Shrodinger, I was starting to really miss him.

  8. Claire D permalink
    July 27, 2022

    I can only echo, “lovely”.

  9. Georgina Briody permalink
    July 27, 2022

    Oh I see I’m not the only one who gets the early morning call!!

    Shrodinger is looking well.

  10. July 27, 2022

    Fabulous. Maybe you will succumb if the heatwave returns!

  11. July 27, 2022

    A lovely story. Thank you! Reminds me not of my current cat but our kitty Abigail when I was a child. In summer Abigail spent her days outside resting in the shade of my father’s asparagus plants.

  12. Virginia Heaven permalink
    July 27, 2022

    Thank you for the update—I’ve been wondering what he’s been up to! He’s quite the character!

  13. Cherub permalink
    July 27, 2022

    I would be very tempted to give in!

  14. gkbowood permalink
    July 27, 2022

    I don’t know which is nicer, Schrodinger or the lovely display complete with crocheted shelf edging! Delightful picture and story.

  15. Amanda permalink
    July 28, 2022

    “Papá – this is the dawn song of our feline people – you are now initiated.”

    At the Autumn equinox you shall together revert to blissful fireside naps. There is nothing like a cat nap for sheer adventure and contentment.

    l have always paid heed and acted upon new feline signals and behaviour. Examining for any changes in their health and/or our own is prudent, aware that their senses on our behalf are stronger than ours.

    Pollen may fall onto cat fur and be ingested while grooming therefore plants listed as toxic can cause damage internally.
    They are our mini guardian angels warning us of dangers. We must be theirs.

  16. Jill Wilson permalink
    July 28, 2022

    I loved the comment about Schrodinger sitting on the dresser, where he is not allowed…

    Cats definitely are a law unto themselves – quite right too for such superior beings!

  17. July 29, 2022

    What a lovely story.

  18. Gail FARROW permalink
    August 8, 2022

    I loved reading this story – you obviously adore your cat

  19. DianeDiane permalink
    August 26, 2022

    My cat does similar.
    I think that Shroedinger well knows winter is on its way.
    I hope that you will join him even only once, wrap in something protective & lie in the sweet grass together with him, drinking in the beauty of life while you both still have it.
    He loves you so.

  20. Tricia Davies permalink
    December 12, 2022

    I’m so glad to be able to read a Schrodinger update. I’d been wondering about him. I’ve always loved reading your stories about him and also the ones about dear Mr. Pussy. I treasure my signed copy of ‘The Life and Times of Mr. Pussy’. 🙂

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