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Tessa Hunkin At London Zoo

July 10, 2019
by the gentle author

Visitors to London Zoo this week have enjoyed the additional attraction of watching Tessa Hunkin and her crew from Hackney Mosaic Project installing two joyous masterpieces of mosaic on either side of the main entrance

On the left, a pair of Humboldt Penguins dip and dive to create a pleasantly dynamic composition while, on the right, five mischievous Squirrel Monkeys perch on branches, poised to leap.

‘I especially like the Squirrel Monkeys at the zoo,’ Tessa confided to me, ‘because they love mobile phones and enjoy taking them off visitors and dropping them from the tops of trees.’

Humboldt Penguins

Robson Cezar, Ken Edwards & Tess Hunkin (from left to right)

Squirrel Monkeys

THE HACKNEY MOSAIC PROJECT is seeking commissions, so if you would like a mosaic please get in touch

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9 Responses leave one →
  1. July 10, 2019

    Absolutely magnificent. Valerie

  2. Jill Wilson permalink
    July 10, 2019

    Absolutely right Valerie – magnificent is the word! Fantastic movement in the penguin design, and the monkeys really are the proverbial cheeky monkeys.

    Also interesting to see the close ups of the designs and how the monkey fur has been so cleverly stylised, and how there is a band of the background colour around the outlines of the animals. I love the abstract border designs too.

    Great work, and I will forward this to some contacts who might be keen to commission some mosaics – fingers crossed!

  3. Ros permalink
    July 10, 2019

    They really are masterpieces – just gorgeous, both of them. Both are a delight. Can one go to zoos just to look at the portrayals of creatures rather than the creatures themselves I wonder?

  4. Helen Breen permalink
    July 10, 2019

    Greetings from Boston,

    GA, kudos to Tessa and her crew for their beautiful work at the London Zoo. Wow, those close-ups really show the intricacy of placing each piece – the monkey’s hands for instance.

    These pieces will be enjoyed by zoo goers for years to come.

  5. Lucy permalink
    July 10, 2019

    Really lovely 🙂

  6. Ardith permalink
    July 10, 2019

    Tessa’s mosaics are truly phenomenal. Thank you for sharing them, TGA

  7. Paul Loften permalink
    July 10, 2019

    I tried ringing that monkey who nicked my dog and bone . He told me I was barking up the wrong tree. Cheeky Fellow !
    Nice work from the Hackney Mosaic Project !

  8. Anne Scott permalink
    July 10, 2019

    These are marvelous mosaics! I wonder if the zoo would make postcards or greeting cards – a nice way to support the zoo.

  9. David permalink
    July 11, 2019

    Wonderful mosaics! I almost wish that the monkeys were shown holding (or dropping) an unssuspecting visitor’s phone – it would then serve as both an artwork, and a warning notice!

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