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Alice Pattullo’s Animal ABC

October 7, 2016
by the gentle author

I am delighted to announce that Alice Pattullo‘s Animal ABC which was first seen in these pages last year will be published as a book by Pavilion next week, with a launch at House of Illustration in Kings Cross next Tuesday 11th October 6:30-8pm

A is for Armadillo who is short stout and round

B is for Beetle who stays close to the ground

C is for Crab who crawls on the sea bed

D is for Dove who likes to fly overhead

E is for Elephant who is anything but light

F is for fox who roams the city streets at night

G is for grizzly bear, a fierce looking fellow

H is for Hippo who is altogether more mellow

I is for Iguana a large scaly reptile

J is for jack rabbit who jumps mile after mile

K is for Kangaroo who takes hop, skip and bound

L is for leopard who moves fast across the ground

M is for Moth, a winged friend of the butterfly

N is for Nautilus who in his shell is quite shy

O is for okapi, our strange stripy friend

P is for polar bear who lives at world’s end

Q is for quail whose bright head feathers are fun

R is for Rhino who weights almost a tonne

S is for sloth who hangs and sleeps in a tree

T is for turtle who swims through the sea

U is for uakari whose face is small, wrinkly and red

V is for viper whose bite might leave you dead

W is for Whale, the biggest animal of them all

X is for Xantus who is remarkably small

Y is for Yak, like a cow with long hair

Z is for Zebra, so stripy you might stare

Copyright ©Alice Pattullo

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  1. October 7, 2016

    A very fine graphic art!

    Love & Peace

  2. October 7, 2016

    It was love at first sight when I first saw this alphabet (in a previous post) , and forwarded the info to several other kindred artists here in the US. The unanimous opinion was: “THIS should be a book!”. Thanks to this blog, I have ordered other books by Alice — and can’t wait to have this one in my art library as well. I love her buoyant and fresh rendition of any topic — but this alphabet is “extra” in my estimation.

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