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The Huguenot Map Of Spitalfields Unveiled

June 23, 2015
by the gentle author

Last week, the Huguenots came from far and wide to converge at Townhouse, 5 Fournier St, to see the completed Huguenot Map of Spitalfields drawn by Adam Dant.

Brainchild of Fiona Atkins, proprietor of Townhouse, the project has seen more than three hundred and fifty descendants of Huguenots in Spitalfields submit the addresses of their refugee ancestors to compose a street map with all the names in place. The unveiling was undertaken by Clifford Atkins & Stanley Rondeau whose Huguenot forebears lived in Spitalfields and likely knew each other three hundred years ago.

Click on the map to enlarge

Gathering of just a few of the current descendants of the Huguenots of Spitalfields featured on the map

Stanley Rondeau points out his ancestor Jean Rondeau, who came to Spitalfields in 1685, to Adam Dant

Photographs copyright © Jeremy Freedman

Copies of the limited edition of The Huguenot Map are available from Townhouse

Click for details of the HUGUENOT SUMMER festival which continues until September

You can view The Huguenot Map at Townhouse for the next few weeks

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9 Responses leave one →
  1. June 23, 2015

    Great idea to get together! Valerie

  2. Jude permalink
    June 23, 2015

    Was always a brilliant concept but looks even better than I imagined! When is exact last date to view? What will happen to it after that date?
    Well done everyone

  3. June 23, 2015

    Fantastic project!
    Question: Is there any way you can put up the map so we can read the names and information within the circles? The enlargement is lovely but I still can’t read names. Saving and viewing/enlarging doesn’t work either.
    It would be wonderful to read the names (and I’m guessing occupations are included on the circles?) of those who lived there. Could lead to more leads.
    Thanks for considering, and for a great blog!

  4. Margaret Nairne permalink
    June 23, 2015

    What a fantastic project and the map looks really wonderful – I can see at least three of my lot there!

  5. July 29, 2015

    I just ordered the Huguenot Map of Spitalfields. At this point in time, I know that my relatives lived in Spitalfields, but only for approximately 6 months prior to coming to the United States. Of course, there was no United States at that point in time. Their passage documents were dated Mar 10, 1708 from the mayor of Billigheim, Germany. They went up the Rhine to Rotterdam prior to coming to London.

    The family name was Ferree. Most of my documents are in beautiful script French, but I do also know that they lived in Lyon and Strasbourg, France. Daniel, the father, was listed as a silk weaver, etc., but when the sons arrived in New York, the sons are listed as husbandmen and vineyard keepers. The father died prior to leaving Germany/France. Marie (de la Warembere) Ferree stayed with her six children in Spitalfields until William Penn’s surveyor had land ready for them in Pennsylvania.

    Is there someway that I can find a location where they might have lived? I could not read the family names. I do know some other names of folks that they knew. Perhaps that will help me when I get the map and really investigate it.

    I love England and am usually there a couple of times a year.

    Any information as to where they lived would be greatly appreciated. Where could I go in London to find a location? I visited the British Archives/Huguenot at the Kew in March, but I had to ask for “boxes,” two weeks prior to my coming, and I really did not know what to ask for. I spent 3 hours digging through correspondence, but I think that I did not get the correct information.

    Any help is appreciated.

    Henderson, Texas

  6. David Starke permalink
    October 13, 2015

    I was so pleased to see the efforts that have been made to keep the history of Spitalfields alive. My wife and I were fortunate enough to visit Spitalfields last year(2014) and were given a tour of Christ Church and the immediate area by Stanley Rondeau. We share a common ancestor in Jean Rondeau and thanks to the genealogical research of my oldest daughter, Debbie Bulloc, we were able to make the connection with Stanley. We intend to visit London again this year and hopefully will be able to re-visit Spitalfields.

    Once again, thanks and congratulations on the continuing efforts that many of you are responsible for.

    David Starke
    Lexington, Missouri

  7. Jonathan Arnow permalink
    October 2, 2017

    Is there anyone who could check to see if my ancestor, Andre Arnaud, is listed on this map?I would appreciate this very much.. He arrived in October of 1681…..left for the English Colonies in July/August 1686 fro Frenchtown Settlement, East Greenwich, Rhode Island..Thanks ahead of time..

  8. Susan B permalink
    February 22, 2020

    Hello, I believe my ancestors are Philip Harris who married Elizabeth Vallerin in 1807 at
    Spitalfields Christ Church,Stepney,London. I believe Elizabeth’s parents were
    John Vallerin and Esther Saubere. Esther was born in 1762 LA Patente French Huguenot,Spitalfields,London and married in 1785. I believe Esther’s father was Joseph Saubere who was married to Ann Fremont. Do you have these names on your map please?

  9. Jen D permalink
    June 6, 2020

    Is there an index to this map so we can see the names on it? Thanks.

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