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January 14, 2015
by the gentle author

‘Rare Mackerel, three a groat or four for sixpence’-Paul Sandby-1760-Plate 8 from the Twelve Cries of London. ‘Rare mackerel, three a groat or four for sixpence’. A woman, with a large basket of mackerel wearing very dishevelled clothes, stands before a door selling her goods. An angry looking woman pokes her head out of the slightly ajar door. A dog from the house snarls at another behind the mackerel seller’s skirts. The building has a plaque marked ‘FP’ (fire mark?) on the wall. A sign, possibly for a pub/tavern, hangs at the front of the building bearing the legend ‘A man loaded with mischief’ – it shows a man carrying another on his shoulders with a monkey on the latter’s back. The print has a French caption also: ‘Maquereaux, maquereaux Monsieur, Madame, en voulez vous des Maquereaux?’

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