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Colin O’Brien’s Pellicci Portraits (Part 7)

January 30, 2013
by the gentle author

Who is sitting in the corner seat at Pelliccis this week? Contributing Photographer Colin O’Brien and I arrived for lunch, I had the steak and kidney pie again but Colin chose lasagne for a change. And then, fortified by treacle pudding, we set out to take these portraits of the afternoon trade at E. Pellicci, London’s best-loved family run cafe at 332 Bethnal Green Rd.

Therese Coil – “Me and my daughter, we’ve been coming to Pelliccis for twelve or thirteen years – sometimes a couple of times a week.”

Jonjo Lee – “I’ve been coming here since I was one.”

Khadra Aden “I first came to Pelliccis three months ago after my friend Mai-Lynn suggested it and a lot of my friends always come here, so this is where we all meet up.”

Brian Stewart – “I first came to Pelliccis in 1965, I used to play football and this is where we’d all meet. Sometimes I come here with my mum now, it’s the only place she’ll come and eat.”

Julie Stein “This is my first time at Pelliccis, I’ve come from New York.”

Cliff Collins – “I used to come to Pelliccis with my grandad and now I come with my grandson.”

Samoma Muresan “I came from Romania a year ago with my sister.”

Matt Sexton– “I’m from Waterloo. I first came to Pelliccis about twelve years ago and now I come two or three times a week. I like it!”

Ania Muresan – “I’ve been coming to Pelliccis ever since I came from Romania.”

Abbey Osman – “I’ve been coming down here for a long time, a good couple of years. I eat here most days.”

Mai-Lynn Miller – “I used to pass by and then my father came to visit so I brought him here. I live just up the road and I’ve been here quite a few times, it’s so warm and it’s so much fun.”

Martin Lee – “I ‘ve been coming to Pelliccis for about five years, I come almost every day for breakfast.”

Alice Dunseath – “I live just down the road but this is my first time at Pelliccis.”

Bara Kem – “I read about it on Yelp.”

John & Jonjo Lee – “We’ve been coming to Pelliccis for years.”

Photographs copyright © Colin O’Brien

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  1. Vicky permalink
    February 1, 2013

    Colin never fails

  2. Pam permalink
    February 1, 2013

    I have really enjoyed all of these photographs – thank you

  3. Maggie - Phlebotomist permalink
    October 19, 2013

    Love your pics. Nice to meet the person behind the lens. Even if I was brandishing the needle!!

    Spitalfields Life is interesting local site for me. Will enjoy reading all their news/views especially because I live nearby Columbia Flower Market.

    Thanks & take care


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