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Adam Dant & The Map Of Spitalfields Life

November 3, 2012
by the gentle author

Come and see The Map of Spitalfields Life drawn by Adam Dant at The Artists of Spitalfields Life opening at Ben Pentreath Ltd on Wednesday 7th November.

[youtube mvq38fBhGDI nolink]

Click to enlarge the map

Adam Dant and I burnt the midnight oil to contrive The Map of Spitalfields Life for your delight and, once it was done, we could barely contain our excitement to show it to the world.

It was produced under conditions of the strictest secrecy and, before the unveiling, Adam Dant and I alone knew who was on the map. I ran around Spitalfields like the White Rabbit, delivering invitations. Yet although those who got an invitation were confirmed of their place on the map, they did not discover who else was on it until Sandra Esqulant. landlady of The Golden Heart, unveiled it. Rumour, gossip and speculation about the map spread like wildfire through the narrow streets of Spitalfields, and the conflagration reached white heat by the day of the unveiling.

The Map of Spitalfields Life is published by Herb Lester and full-colour copies are on sale at £4. This pocket-sized edition is the ideal companion to a walk through the streets of Spitalfields. Illustrated in colour by Adam Dant, cartographer extraordinaire, with fifty portraits of the people who make Spitalfields distinctive. On the reverse, you will find the stories of all those portrayed on the front written by yours truly, plus a guide to the essential Spitalfields landmarks and destinations.

Adam Dant has produced a hand-tinted limited edition for collectors and Spitalfields aficionados, suitable for framing at £420, each copy signed by the artist and The Gentle Author.

Adam Dant said, “We hope this map may assist the cartographic aesthetic to leap forward beyond the homogeneity of computerised rendering and the turgid angst of psycho- geography.”

Adam Dant tries vainly to hide The Map of Spitalfields Life from prying eyes.

Photograph of the Herb Lester edition of the map by Stephanie Lynn

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Click here to buy a copy of The Map of Spitalfields Life drawn by Adam Dant with descriptions by The Gentle Author

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  1. November 16, 2012

    How wonderful! I’ve been following your blog for some time now, and there are so many fascinating people that you manage to track down. Last year I visited Spitalfields with a friend, not knowing that I was going there in advance, and this will make a perfect present for her!

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