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Tif Hunter on Maltby St

October 19, 2012
by the gentle author

Over a year ago, Tif Hunter began taking portraits of those who worked selling food in Maltby St near his studio in Bermondsey, where he went each Saturday to buy his provisions. Having completed a fine series of these, he turned his attention to the produce, creating the magnificent still-lifes you see here. Using a hand-built wooden camera with nineteenth century lenses and employing the wet plate collodion process upon glass and metal plates, Tif has conjured an extraordinarily intense vision of these familiar rations, as if they were images plucked from a gastronomic dream. Offering the ideal complement to your visit to Maltby St, an exhibition of Tif’s polaroids and tintypes opens tomorrow at his studio and runs until 3rd November.


Three tomatoes

Golden beets




Flat peaches


Loaf one

Loaf two

Loaf three

Loaf four

Peach danish

Goat cheese

Cheddar and stilton


Three hams





Photographs copyright © Tif Hunter

ON MALTBY STREET 2011 – Polaroids & Tintypes by TIF HUNTER, runs from 20th October until  3rd November at 18a Wild’s Rents, Bermondsey, SE1 4QG. Saturday & Sunday, 10am-6pm. Tuesday – Friday, 2pm – 7pm. Closed Mondays.

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Charles Jones, Gardener & Photographer

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  1. October 19, 2012

    Wonderful photos. I want that bread!

  2. Alison permalink
    October 19, 2012

    Beautiful images. They give the food a really architectural quality.

  3. Greg Tingey permalink
    October 19, 2012

    Ah, Maltby Street … the alternative to “Borough”, because certain stall/pitch/site-holders @ Borough disagreed (In this writer’s opinion, entirely correctly) with the “just bring the tourists in, never mind the genuine local market, & lets jack the prices/rents up to silly” attitude of the “Trustees of Borough Market” who appear to have lost the plot completely.

    I speak as one who went through said market BEFORE the revival (The Wheatsheaf guaranteed one a pint of Mild, then), revelled in the “My Fail Ldy” time-warp nature of the place, & who also went to the very first of the revival days ….( either 22/11/97 or 21/11/98 – I can’t remember which without reference now(!))

  4. Libby Hall permalink
    October 19, 2012

    Marvellous images.

    Interesting that vegetables, fruit and bread are so much more beautiful than sausages!

    The vegetables images of course remind me of the famous Victorian collection of photographs Sean Sexton found in Bermondsey market in the early 80s. (Sean, Master Collector, can be seen most Thursdays searching Spitalfields Market for more treasures.)

  5. Philip permalink
    October 19, 2012

    These are beautiful – as always thank you for sharing – he is a superb photographer

  6. October 20, 2012

    These photos are so beautiful! I love the texture

  7. Cherub permalink
    October 23, 2012

    I love the old tin can with the flowers in it. They turn an ordinary everyday item into a thing of beauty.

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