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March 16, 2012
by the gentle author

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  1. Dave Hunt permalink
    February 12, 2024

    Many years ago I learned the Cockney Alphabet from an old friend John Foreman, The Broadside King. He used to quote it whist doing paper tearing

    A fer ‘orses
    B ferMutton
    C fer yerself. ( or ‘thighlanders)
    D fer Dumb
    E fer brick
    F fer vesant
    G fer Police ,’es the one in charge
    H fer it, they’re old enough
    I for venello
    J fer Oranges
    K for Restaurant
    L fer leather
    M fer sis.
    N fer Eggs
    O fer my dead body ( or fer the wings of a
    P fer a penny
    Q fer a bus
    R fer Mo
    S fer Williams ( or as far as I know,)
    T fer Two
    U fer me (or mism)
    V fer La France
    W fer a quid
    X fer breakfast – I’ll be bound
    Y fer Mistress – may they never meet
    Z fer is ‘at – that’s a flat cap!

    I’m not from London, thought I worked
    there for a short while
    I look forward to your daily blog and
    I appreciate the huge amount of work and dedication it must take
    Many thanks and Best Wishes
    Dave Hunt.

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