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Columbia Road Market 16

December 13, 2009
by the gentle author

Again this week, the market was crowded before eight in the morning and the drama had intensified, not just because it was another week closer to Christmas and the rain had finally stopped, but because the mistletoe arrived. Immediately, I spotted a gruff old gentleman sidling up to the young ladies who ran the next stall, brandishing a sprig and ¬†declaring “I know a trick with mistletoe!”

After due deliberation, I bought this bough for £10 from Denise Kirstenson, the Eliza Doolittle of Columbia Rd, whose fine soprano voice rings out throughout the market each week. Some readers may wonder why I chose to buy such a huge bough of of mistletoe. The answer is simple, I like to encourage lots of kissing in my house at Christmas.

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