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Columbia Road Market 10

November 1, 2009
by the gentle author


It was a gloomy, damp but mild morning as I set out for market, negotiating the puddles and swirling leaves. All last night’s spooks and bogles had vanished into thin air and the only evidence to be seen this morning was an old wig abandoned on the pavement.

Recently, I have been getting messages from friends who read this weekly feature asking me to pick up “two of those Chinese Lantern plants” or “that white flower you wrote about”. So after I had fulfilled this week’s orders I took a look around. For myself, I bought all these Blue Hyancinths for a fiver and then made it home before the heavy rain started.

The first time I ever saw Hyacinths was in this old Spode bowl belonging to my grandmother. Every year she planted them in this and thereby introduced me to the exquisite combination of blue and white china and Blue Hyacinths. Now this bowl is mine and I plant it every year with Hyacinths too. Buying them already sprouted means they will be in flower quickly, and  in a few weeks I will show you the display.

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  1. So-Shan Au permalink
    November 2, 2009

    Looking forward to seeing them in bloom!

    Blue Hyacinths always remind me of junior school. Just like your grandmother, our school used to plant hyacinth bulbs in lovely porcelain bowls and place these along the window sills in the school entrance. With the radiators on at full blast, the corridors soon filled with the lovely scent and gorgeous blooms of blue, white and pink.

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