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Welcome to the Neighbourhood

August 26, 2009
by the gentle author

Umbra Sumus – We are shadows.  These are the words on the sundial here in Fournier Street.


Over the coming days, weeks, months and years, I am going to write every single day and tell you about my life here in Spitalfields at the heart of London. How can I ever describe the exuberant richness and multiplicity of culture in this place to you?  This is both my task and my delight.

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  1. July 24, 2011

    Great blog. One of my best walks is around spitalfield and shoreditch. Taking people into the undergrowth of London history is fascinating. Your blog proves the point.

  2. July 29, 2014

    Won’t you ever take a holiday or take a break Gentle Author? Or is this a holiday to you writing everyday and your ultimate pleasure as my reading is my ultimate pleasure too?

  3. Shawdiane permalink
    June 1, 2015

    You bring a ray of London life each day. May the Gods make your journey a pleasant and fabulous one filled with all that you can muster. What treasures await you, I cannot wait
    to be revealed. What is your name apart from “the Special One”, or is this a secret ?

  4. DaViD permalink
    December 22, 2021

    I saved this blog to read a few years ago and then forgot it. It is my plan to now play catch-up. I can’t wait 🙂

  5. Stuart permalink
    February 28, 2023

    Today, 28th Feb 2023, I saw your Aldgate Pump article on Facebook then navigated to here where I read your promise.

    I’m excited at the prospect of starting at your beginning and wondering how long it will take me to get back to The Pump of Death! Not as long as it took you to write them I sincerely hope, as I’m 69 next month!

    I’m not a serial commentator upon other’s work or passions, however I hope to read enough to inspire me to make the odd observation, even if it’s to let you, Gentle Author, know how I’m getting on.

    Here goes…

  6. Stuey the time traveller permalink
    July 18, 2023

    I am the above Stuart and have been reading all your daily comments as promised.

    As we all know Gentle Author, you commenced your journey in August 2009.

    I have on 18 July 2023 just reached your Aug 2010! I’m not sure if I have enough time in me to catch you up at this rate, but I’m not going to stop trying…

    I enjoy reading about the local people, then reading the comments below each blog – but best of all, I enjoy it when you come back to them with an update.

    Pure gold, thank you.

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